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water use

use of water by human activity

water body

entity of water with definite hydrological, hydrogeomorphological, physical, chemical and biological characteristics in a given geographical area

water scarcity

extent to which demand for water compares to the replenishment of water in an area, e.g. a drainage basin, without taking into account the water quality

raw water

water that is supplied to a water treatment process (3.75) for the purpose of removing constituents (3.14) that would otherwise impair its intended beneficial use (3.7)

reclaimed water

wastewater (3.80)

that has been treated to meet specific water quality for intended beneficial use (3.7)

water reclamation

process of treating and processing of wastewater (3.80) to make it suitable for beneficial use (3.7)

grey water


from household baths and showers, handbasins and kitchen sinks but excluding wastewater and excreta from water closets

brackish water

water containing dissolved solids at a concentration less than that of seawater (3.1.4), but in amounts that exceed normally acceptable standards for municipal, domestic and irrigation uses

surface water

water in overland flow and storage, such as rivers and lakes, excluding seawater (3.1.4)