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non-potable water

water that is not of drinking water quality according to local jurisdiction

potable water

water that meets applicable drinking water standards and is safe for drinking, washing, and food preparation

potable reuse

use of high quality reclaimed water (3.63) as a raw water (3.58) source for drinking water treatment and distribution systems (3.22)

indirect potable reuse

augmentation (3.4)

of a drinking water source (surface or groundwater) with reclaimed water (3.63) followed by an environmental buffer that precedes drinking water treatment

non-renewable resource

resource that exists in a fixed amount that cannot be naturally replenished or cleansed on a human time scale

non-renewable resource

resource that is not able to be renewed or replenished within one hundred years, such as minerals, metals, or oil, gas and coal

non-regulated CRM

critical raw material for which no specific regulatory requirements have been set

non-biobased inorganic ingredient

inorganic compounding ingredient wholly from resources which are not biomass

water availability

extent to which humans and ecosystems have sufficient water resources for their needs

water quality

physical (e.g. thermal), chemical and biological characteristics of water with respect to its suitability for an intended use by humans or ecosystems (3.2.3)