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any raw, semi-worked, worked, semi-manufactured, manufactured, semi-made-up or made-up product which is exclusively composed of textile fibres, regardless of the mixing or assembly process employed

textile fibre

unit of matter characterized by its flexibility, fineness and high ratio of length to maximum transverse dimension, which render it suitable for textile applications; or a flexible strip or tube, of which the apparent width does not exceed 5 mm, including strips cut from wider strips or films, produced from the substances used for the manufacture of the fibres listed in Table 2 of Annex 1 to European Regulation 1007/2011 and suitable for textile applications

composed textile

multiple parts or layers which do not have the same fibre composition

textile product

item that consists mainly, but at least for 80 %of its weight, of textile fibers

circular textile

textile product produced, used, collected and used again as a reused product, material or recycled fibre, in order to prevent waste, to minimize the use of virgin fibre and to reduce the environmental impact within ecological limits

mono textile

textile product consisting of one type of fibre

multi-fibre textile

textile product composed of textile fibres from different materials