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universal design

design of goods (3.7), environments, programmes and services (3.23) to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design

design option

one of several product (ISO 6707-1:2014, 6.1.2)(3.1.92) alternatives that is a candidate for inclusion into the design, including functionality (3.1.46) and service provided

detailed design


(ISO 6707-1:2014, 7.2.10), data, calculations and specifications from which constructed works, components (3.1.13) and assemblies (ISO 6707-1:2014, 5.5.5) can be constructed

design life

period of time that a building must be able to function as envisaged without a need for a major renovation

design team

individuals involved in the decision-making process affecting the service life ( of the constructed asset (3.1.15)

circulair design

productontwerp waarbij tijdens het ontwerpproces rekening is gehouden met het bruikbaar houden van de grondstoffen, met als doel de negatieve gevolgen op mens en milieu gedurende de levenscycli te minimaliseren

design and development

set of processes (3.4.1) that transform requirements (3.6.4) for an object (3.6.1) into more detailed requirements for that object

circular design

product design in which it has been taken into account during the design process that the raw materials remain usable in order to minimize any negative impact on people and the environment during the life cycles

initial design

early stage in the development of a design before many of the materials (ISO 6707-1:2014, 6.1.1), components (3.1.13) or assemblies (ISO 6707-1:2014, 5.5.5) have been selected