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water reclamation

process of treating and processing of wastewater (3.80) to make it suitable for beneficial use (3.7)


return of damaged, degraded or derelict land to beneficial use

water availability

extent to which humans and ecosystems have sufficient water resources for their needs

water quality

physical (e.g. thermal), chemical and biological characteristics of water with respect to its suitability for an intended use by humans or ecosystems (3.2.3)

brackish water

water containing dissolved solids at a concentration less than that of seawater (3.10.17), but in amounts that exceed the normally acceptable standards for municipal, domestic and irrigation uses

surface water

water in overland flow and storage, such as rivers and lakes, excluding seawater (3.10.17)

background water

freshwater (3.30)

supplied for domestic, institutional, commercial and industrial use, from which wastewater (3.80) is generated

recycled water

water which has been previously used and is then subsequently used for beneficial purposes with or without treatment prior to the subsequent use

water use

use of water by human activity